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If in Windows 10 keyboard is not working again, then you know now what you should do to fix it. The above solutions should help you fix this problem, so read and execute them carefully. Also, don’t forget to share your views on the article in the comment section below. If still the error remains, then most likely the keyboard is broken.

While the experience is pretty smooth and hassle-free, you are likely to run in one or the other issue similar to other video conferencing platforms like Zoom. At the top of the screen, you should see a large button for your AirPods (e.g., “AirPods Pro”). The Add a device menu will pop up, asking you which kind of device you’d like to pair with. AirPods might be well-known for their easy setup on iOS, but it’s not much harder to set them up on Windows.

Create New Wifi Network

No matter the reason, troubleshooting your Chromecast is actually pretty simple. Google Chromecast streaming devices can have connection issues, just like any other WiFi enabled device. Disconnection is actually a very common problem that you’re likely to run into. Resetting the network preferences on your Android phone will only erase the WiFi settings and saved networks, paired Bluetooth devices, mobile network settings, etc.

Tip 6 Forget Your Wifi Network & Reconnect

Once activated, you’ll still be able to hear your music, but you can also hear what’s going on around you. The addition of a vent system on the AirPods Pro is also very useful, in that it means you can easily talk to people while still having your earbuds in.

Should you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below. Another possible reason why your WiFi adapter keeps disconnection is because of a wrong, outdated or corrupted network driver. You can either uninstall the driver to force Windows to install the correct driver, or reinstall the driver manually and update it to the latest version.